The Parade Of The Fitness Influencers: You Really Don’t Have To Use This Time To Lose Weight

It has become incessant. At every corner we turn there appears yet another ‘Low Carb Meal Plan I Swear By’ or complex home workout which allows you to swagger out of quarantine as the wobble-free, six pack brandishing size 8 you’ve always wanted to be. No, I’m not completely deluded. I am well aware that keeping healthy is very important, especially for mental wellbeing, but the relentless promotion of self-improvement plastered all over the internet can begin to make you feel as though you’ve failed at isolation if you haven’t dropped a few pounds. You seriously need to stop giving yourself such a hard time. 

Going To The Gym Is Literally Illegal

If you’ve learnt one thing from listening to the ripped instagramers with thousands of followers or even any personal trainer, you will know that when your routine changes, your body will change too. Although your Soviet style, state approved hour of outdoor exercise may have had a dystopian novelty to it at the beginning to lockdown, the chances are you’re probably not exercising nearly as much as you normally would. And that’s okay, much of the normal exercise you would do is literally illegal. Whether it be walking to the bus stop every morning to get to the office or spending hours at a time on your feet whilst working at a busy restaurant, your routine has changed temporarily, it’s absolutely fine if your body has too. After all, this is probably the only time in your life where you can not feel too guilty about staying at home all day. What, to the untrained eye, may look like binge watching Normal People for 12 hours straight, is infact staying at home, protecting the NHS and saying lives. You are pretty much a modern day hero.

Home Workouts Are Not As Easy As They Seem 

Oh they make it look so easy don’t they. ‘All you need is a chair, my home workout video and motivation!’ Yeah, I call bullshit. As a survivor of one of these painful ordeals, I can say that the bruises on my legs are enough to tell you that step-ups onto a kitchen chair using pints of milk as make-shift weights did not end well. What’s more, your motivation to push yourself is bound to be lower at home; it’s an environment you are used to relaxing in, don’t give yourself a hard time if your workout doesn’t look the same as the one in a celebrity’s home gym. 

You Probably Have Better Things To Do

Above all, losing weight is not the be all and end all. There are plenty of other interesting and productive things to be getting on with this time. Get creative, start cooking, learn a new language… or just use this time as a rare opportunity to pause and reflect without pressuring yourself into forced ‘improvement’. No matter how you use this time, remeber that you were good enough already.

Realistically, how often do you have to live through a global pandemic. Times are pretty stressful so stop having a go at yourself for eating that extra slice of cake, at least you’re not outside spreading the virus.

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